Would You Rather Be 16 or 60?

I still love to sing in the bath and dance around in the kitchen (of course, when no-one is watching!). I still get excited when I think about that certain someone, and my tummy does little flips. Age is no barrier to love!

I am inclined to dress a little more comfortably than I used to, but still like to buy some nice clothes, shopping at Zara, A Hundred Stars, Jigsaw, etc. I enjoy looking and feeling as good as I can, and take care of myself inside and out. Life is interesting, exciting, and I always look forward to what lies ahead.

Sure, when I get up in the morning my first thought is ‘I need to pee’ and as I descend down my tiny cottage staircase, my knees usually give a few noisy groans.

Sadly, my reflection in the bathroom mirror holds no image of the gorgeous young thing I still feel on the inside, but that’s ok. I am happy being me.

Learning to Reframe

I have to say it used to feel a bit strange when people offered me a seat on the bus. Aren’t I the one who should be doing that? Or if I got a concession at the cinema for over-60s, without being asked if I was. But I am learning that it’s all ok and all I need to do is ‘reframe’.

If someone offers me a seat, it saves my aching feet. If I get a concession at the cinema, it pays for an ice cream. My hair may look like a bird’s nest in the morning, but I still have lots of hair. My face, let’s just call it ‘lived in’, shows I have indeed, lived. If you look for a silver lining in anything, you can usually find one.

I am alive, there are many who haven’t made it this far. I am reasonably fit and healthy and, although I have no fear of dying, am happy to be living as long as I am able. I am always and forever, grateful.

The Greatest Gift

I have found the greatest gift of being older is time. Time to just be me. Sometimes I am awake at 5 or 6 in the morning, eager to see what lies ahead for me in the day. Other days, I do it slowly, with a cup of tea (or maybe two) and a little breakfast in bed. It is pure joy!

I have recently moved to a beautiful old cottage, but the garden had not been tended for years and the weeds were taller than me. My first thought was that I had to get some help, it was too much. But then I decided to tackle it myself, one bit at a time. I am exhausted, my back aches, my knees creak, but I am so proud of myself as I watch this beautiful walled garden unfold.

Though the signs of ageing are evident for anyone to see, my inside me is young and excited to learn new things. I am a brave new me, who is willing to try (almost) anything, and I really like it!

16 or 60?

If you asked me honestly, would I rather be 16 or 60, the answer is most definitely 60. I have had a fabulous life and loved every minute (well almost every minute!), and I think us Boomers really did get the best deal. We were pioneers, go-getters. We thought we could change the world, and in many ways, we did.

And we still are… 

There has never been a generation that had the opportunities that we have now. Most of our mothers didn’t have chance to start a new career at 60, travel solo round the world, or even go to university (over-60s can still have loans for tuition fees in England). The possibilities for us are endless.

So what can you be when you are 60? Absolutely anything you want to be! If you are happy taking life a little more slowly, do exactly that, if you are looking for an adventure, now could be the perfect time. If you want to learn new things, start a new career, travel, write a book, blog, just give it a try. You never know, it might surprise you! 🙂

Let’s Start a Conversation

Would you rather be 16 or 60? If you started a new adventure, what would it be? What do you most enjoy about being over 60?

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