Are You Shifting Your Gears of Faith in Reverse?

How would you describe faith? Is it a knowing in your heart – a feeling of assurance that something amazing will happen? Perhaps when you hear the word, it reminds you of a passage from scripture: “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

For me, faith is the vehicle that transports me to my dream – a positive, forward-moving vibe. But did you know that faith can also be shifted in reverse? In other words, faith can be mobilized to promote fear and doubt, without you realizing it.

Fear and Faith Are on the Opposite Ends of the Same Spectrum

Are you permitting your worries to sabotage your faith? For example, have you ever repeatedly conjured a dreadful event that you didn’t want, and got it? If you are constantly thinking about how something can go wrong or if you can’t seem to eliminate feelings of defeat and failure, you may be placing your faith in undesirable outcomes. When was the last time you allowed your fear to grow so big that it overpowered your trust in desirable results?

While most of us want to reap all the goodness life has to offer, our “misuse” of faith drives us towards something we don’t like, instead of leading us down a purposeful path of empowerment.

Faith Goes Hand-In-Hand with Trusting and Believing

Ventures worth pursuing can be scary at times. And while you can’t force unpleasant thoughts from creeping up periodically, you can create a map to help keep you on track. The next time you feel yourself shifting your gears of faith backwards, employ these navigation tools:

Redirect Your Fears

Acknowledge your fear or obstacle, but quickly redirect your concerns and look ahead. Chart your course to attract what you want. And be absolutely certain that you will prevail, despite the detours.

Regularly Affirm Your Intentions

The Universe is constantly tuning in to your thoughts, words and actions, and thereby subtly directing traffic. Clearly assert what you want to accomplish. Establish the tone of a victor.

You Are a Champion

Visualize your goal already achieved. Where are you now? What specifically are you doing to keep yourself moving ahead? How do you feel?

Take a Break

Meditate. Breathe. Walk in nature to get a fresh perspective. Dance to your favorite song. Being in a relaxed state can accelerate the problem-solving process so you can continue traveling with renewed energy.

Don’t Forget Gratitude

Express gratitude for the miles you’ve successfully traveled. Offer thanksgiving for your spiritual compass, steering you in the direction of your dream.

Be aware that roadblocks may appear. How you respond to these challenges makes all the difference.

Some things are just beyond your control, and it’s important to be flexible and open to heeding the signs along your route.

A Personal Example

I’d like to share a recent event that took me by surprise. In an attempt to be more efficient with my business objectives, I videotape a large batch of YouTube vlogs during a scheduled weekend. One Saturday, I was breezing through content when I experienced a technological issue that brought my work to a screeching halt. Oh, no! What was I going to do? Feeling defeated, negative emotions began to well up, and I started thinking of all the reasons why I couldn’t finish what I started.

Then I decided to practice what I preach. I said, “TK, even though you don’t consider yourself tech savvy, you’ve been producing videos for years and right now, you know enough to shift your mindset in order to complete your task.” I removed myself from my workstation and began a deep breathing exercise. Within a half hour, a simple solution came to light. I tested my idea and was overjoyed when it worked. Instead of focusing on the problem, I affirmed a viable solution.

Granted, resolutions don’t always show up as quickly. Due to unexplained circumstances, you may experience a major delay. But that doesn’t mean you should turn back. Sometimes, clarity comes with timing and patience.

Your Story

What’s keeping you from moving forward? Could negative mind chatter be sabotaging your efforts? What are you telling yourself right now?

Practice strengthening your faith muscle when you begin to steer off course. Your attitude, thoughts and words shape your experiences. Because you are in the driver’s seat, you are in charge of creating a navigation system that keeps you grounded and committed. Begin to entertain affirmative beliefs around achieving health, happiness and success. Shift your gears of faith so they support your beautiful vision.

You did not come here with a spirit of timidity. Although it’s human to sometimes feel like you don’t have what it takes, at your core, you possess the power to boldly traverse your path with love, confidence and enthusiasm. Fearless traveler, steer into the unknown with faith and strength as your protectors, trusting you will be supported. Rev up your motor and begin the next phase of your journey.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

What goals have you been pursuing? What types of roadblocks have you experienced? Share tactics you’ve employed to help you get back on track.

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