Want to Know Who You Are in Regard to Money?

When it comes to money – how we think about it, how we spend it, etc. – each of us is unique. We call this money personality. Most of us don’t know our money personality, but knowing our spending patterns and thoughts can come in handy when we need to make important – or day-to-day – decisions.

Do you want to know:

Who or what is pulling the strings on your money mindset?

What is your money personality?

What is your relationship to money?

As we embrace the wisdom of our years, understanding our relationship with money can be the key to unlocking true financial freedom.

It’s not just about earning or creating more. It’s about creating a resonance with wealth that feels authentic and empowering. Put another way, it’s about tapping into the emotional aspects of money, the ones that fuel our dreams and secure our futures.

Today I write about the money quiz I created, which is meant to reveal the powerful persona pulling the strings on your money mindset. Discover how to play to your strengths, sidestep your blind spots, and get a unique plan for magnetizing more money into your life.

Based on extensive research, I’ve identified eight distinct Money Personas. Each one reveals specific patterns in how we relate to money. Much like Jungian archetypes, DISC or the Enneagram, which define different personality types, the Money Personas offer a simple way to identify and assess our relationship with money and with this understanding, we can learn how to make conscious choices, and, as a result, the money dynamic at work in our daily life will improve.

Dig Out Your Money Magnetism Persona

This is where the fun starts – when we start to get a handle on ourselves and our money motivations. The real journey here is not about money. This journey is about you. This is an archeological dig to the centre of the truth of who you really are and what your path and purpose is.

Although we may be successful in most areas of our lives, when faced with money decisions, changes, or crises, many people revert to an ineffective, emotional approach to making decisions about money. By beginning to understand our underlying unconscious feelings and beliefs about money, we will become better prepared and more conscious of the patterns and issues as they surface in our lives.

Most of us carry unresolved feelings about money. These feelings often lead to self-limiting and self-defeating behaviours. We need to unearth these issues and break free.

We can use this type of diagnostic to:

Gain clarity on subconscious beliefs affecting our financial decisions.

Empower ourselves to make conscious, informed money choices.

Improve our relationship with money, leading to better financial outcomes.

Align our financial actions with our true self, creating a life of abundance.

Money Persona and Financial Decisions

The secret? Integrating the essence of your money magnetism persona into every financial decision. It’s about moving beyond the numbers and embracing the emotional heartbeat of wealth.

The Money Persona quiz has illuminated the financial paths for countless women. Blending deep psychological insights with practical financial strategies, it’s crafted to reveal the unique formula for your financial success.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed incredible transformations, as women from all walks of life have taken control of their finances and their futures. So, is it your turn to step into financial clarity?

The ultimate goal is to evolve into the Money Maven, the archetype that embodies a healthy, conscious relationship with money, leading to true prosperity.

So, What Are the 8 Money Personas?

Here’s a snapshot of the 8 Personas:

The Idealist

A hopeful spirit, always believing in the best outcomes, yet sometimes needing guidance to navigate the financial world.

The Phoenix

Has faced financial challenges but possesses an innate strength. With the right tools, she can rise above past setbacks.

The Dynamo

Fierce and determined, she’s a go-getter in finances but might sometimes benefit from a more balanced approach.

The Nurturer

Always putting others first, she’s generous and caring. With a shift in perspective, she can learn to prioritize her own financial well-being too.

The Free Spirit

Spontaneous and adventurous, she enjoys the present moment. With a touch of planning, she can ensure her financial future is just as bright.

The Visionary

Full of ideas and always innovating, she has the potential to turn dreams into financial realities with the right strategies.

The Empress

Commanding and sometimes controlling with money. With a touch of grace, she can lead her financial empire with both power and benevolence.

The Money Maven

The ideal archetype. She embodies a perfect blend of intuition, knowledge, and action in her financial decisions, leading to abundance and security.

And listed here is the content feedback report you will receive at the end of the quiz:

Your Guiding Money Mantra

Decode Your Money Mindset

Your Money Magnetism Strengths

The Narratives That Have Shaped You

Your Spending and Earning Patterns

Your #1 Money Block

Abundance Affirmations Just For You

Your Pathway to Wealth in 3 Steps

Your Next Steps

If you are at least curious about your money persona, dive in to the FREE Money Persona Quiz and discover the wealth within you.  

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you know your money personality? What governs your money decisions? How well do you navigate your finances?

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