Choosing the Right Lip Color for Women Over 60: Expert Tips and Recommendations

How many lipsticks have you purchased that are now in the reject pile, and how many in the everyday use pile? If you’re like most of us, the ratio is probably 2 favorites to 10 mishaps, with lots of regret tossed in there. Finding the right lip color can feel arduous and time consuming, not to mention expensive.

Having said that, by having a few tricks up your sleeve you can boast not only beautiful lips, but a smashing lipstick! Here are my 6 tips for luscious lips.

#1: Moisturize

I really hate adding more products to my shelf. I’m a nerd with a long history of over-obsessing in skin care and makeup, so if you saw how much (expletive!) stuff I have, you’d probably spit up. Maybe it’s the rush of something new, but I am a professional dabbler so that’s my excuse.

In any case, hydrating my lips means I have the usual chapsticks, lip balms, glosses, and CBD infused something-or-another. Keeping lips hydrated involves many factors like weather, water intake, medications, and chemicals in the air. Your lips have thinner skin than your face and contain no oil glands, so the possibility they will be dry is pretty good.

The number one solution for dry lips is inner hydration and nutrition. I won’t run off on my usual tangent about how we all need to eat more vegetables and drink fresh water; just do it, it helps. Second to that is topical hydration like a balm. My current favorite is Happy Buddha Hemp Botanical Healing Salve. It works for elbows, knees, eczema, lips, etc. It’s nontoxic and made from a private brand in Colorado. Love them.

#2 Exfoliate

Exfoliating lips is so easy you will throw down your banana. Grab something that is exfoliating like sugar, body scrub, cinnamon, or petroleum jelly, apply to lips, and then using your toothbrush, scrub your lips like you mean it. This will help remove dry, chapped skin and any build-up that has occurred. Your lipstick will go on easier, and your lips will feel more hydrated and plump. Yup.

#3 Lip Plumper

I once created paid content for a lip plumping brand. The stuff really worked, but I’m sure it was so toxic I probably grew an extra lip just by using it. Having said that, not all lip plumpers are bad, and some work to an excellent degree.

If you aren’t into them, I totally get it. If you are, my current favorite nontoxic lip plumper is Jane Iredale Hyaluronic Hydropure Lip Gloss. It comes in lots of pretty shades and stays on well for a gloss.

#4 Line Outside the Natural Lip Line

This tip is tricky, and can be taken to an unhealthy extreme. You’ve seen her, the lady at the bar with her lips so overdrawn she looks wackadoodle. That doesn’t have to be you. The secret is to use a neutral liner that’s only about 1-2 shades darker than your lips, and draw only slightly outside your lip line.

I like to apply lipstick first, and then add the liner – it makes it easier to get it right. In the video below, you can see what a huge difference a beautiful berry lipstick made on the model’s face, and also my lip liner strategy in action.

#5 Line and Fill with Lip Liner

Filling in your lips with liner can be really helpful to make lipstick last longer and give you more definition. This can be messed up by using too dark a liner, though. Word to the wise: use a liner about the same color as your natural lip shade when you pinch or bite your lips. Then toss a gloss or lip color on top and viola, mega lips.

#6 Chose Berry, Apricot, Peach, or Rose

One time I made up Christiane Amanpour at CNN. I admired her courage reporting from war zones, but she always wore a lipstick color that looked like mud. When I made her up, I asked if she would be comfortable trying a plum lipstick and, to my delight, she agreed. Everyone praised her new look, but she removed it as soon as the interview was over. Old habits die hard. Can you relate?

Typically, browns are not for mature ladies – sorry. Instead, try a neutral rose or burgundy berry like what I used in the video on Lois, or go for a warm apricot or peach if it suits your skin color. You want something that is flattering for your skin, clothing, individual taste, and state of mind.

What do I mean by state of mind? When Lois walked in for her makeover, she wore the stunning burgundy top you see in the video. She was ready to be fabulous! We curled her hair, tossed on a stunning lipstick, and told fun stories about Ecuador, where we live. There is nothing like makeup to perk up your mood!

Experts are Dumb

Yes, I am a so-called expert, and yes, you know yourself better than I ever could. Take what works for you – and toss the rest. If you are into lipsticks and love to play, there is a lot to work with here. If not, then grab the lip balm and finish the banana. Life is worthy of a little chill time.

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you wear lipstick? What about lip balm or gloss? How do you care about your lips? Do you make it a point to hydrate during the day?

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