Tips and Tricks for Developing Your Shopping Style After 60

For most women, shopping is an inherited or possibly even genetic characteristic. We don’t need to take classes because most of us are born with a shopping degree. But we do need to follow certain guidelines if we are to be awarded a postgraduate degree.

7 Lifestyle Questions to Ask Yourself

So before you grab your bag and head out on a spending spree, I offer some advice. I’d like you to analyse your life and style preferences as you are now. Ask yourself the following questions:

How do you spend your time during the day?

Do you go out a lot? Are you a social butterfly?

Do you spend a lot of time at home?

How often do you go out in the evening?

Do you have dinner with friends or family at home or at a restaurant?

With whom do you spend most of your time – family, friends or work colleagues?

Do you work? If so, do you spend a lot of time at work?

The way you present yourself everyday matters. This is true whether you work or not. If you work, what type of job do you have? Is it a job that requires corporate clothing or a uniform? Or is it a job that allows for casual dressing?

If you’ve answered the questions honestly, you should have a much better idea of what you need on your shopping list. This is a good time in your life to abandon ‘High Street’ or ‘Mall’ fashion and find your own unique shopping style instead.

When you find something that suits you, stick to it. And if you love it, buy it in three colours.

When I lived in Florence, Italy, I noticed – and fell in love with – the effortless chic and style of the average woman. Italian women wear clothes that are smart, stylish and colourful. They are experts at creating a great combination with the right accessories. They are all very good with accessories!

There are also some major Designer Outlets in Florence. I saw many women of our age group shopping there. They also just go to look and stimulate their own creativity.

Establish Your Budget

We don’t like to think about budgets when we shop for clothes. Today, we are setting the rules by which we will live and love for the next 30 or more years. In that case, it’s probably a good idea to start as we mean to continue. This does not mean we need to become frugal; just less impulsive.

Make sure the budget you decide on is adequate for the clothing you are going to buy. Do a little window shopping first. Look through online shops for what is available and decide on the price you’re likely to pay for each type of item.

Don’t forget, you may be looking for scarves and bags and socks and all sorts of things other than clothing! Budget for everything.

Before you go off to the shops you should have done your wardrobe makeover. You already know what you can still wear. You’ve discarded anything that’s too old, tight, big, ill-fitting or plain ugly.

You’ve answered all the life and style questions. You know what you’re after. Is it a short jacket, a fitted pair of pants or a pair of colourful shoes? Now plan your campaign and dress comfortably as you head off on a successful shopping trip!

Let’s Have a Conversation:

Do you have a good understanding of your shopping style? Have you asked yourself the 7 questions to help understand your life and style? Do you establish a budget when you go shopping or do you shop impulsively? Please join the conversation below.

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