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Click the BULLETIN BOARD link or SHOP link in the Menu Bar above for access Comments & Products. This is a site is primarily focused on Collecting. If you have an interest in Collectibles, great. If you happen to be a Boomer, greater. There’s no room here for Hype, Hate, or Whining. Those Posts will be monitored to adhere to my own magnificent sense of value. As the saying goes..”Those who rule make the rules” , and one of the reasons I bother with this Blog is to exercise the self delusion that I am a great ruler. Be sure to visit the Bulletin Board or SHOP link to read the comments and request new topics for discussion.

Let’s continue by outlining the “Do’s” of Posting.

  • Share: Helpful ideas with the experienced generation. Teach us old dogs some new tricks.
  • Avoid Self Promotion: Don’t enter links to your fabulous money-making opportunities..They won’t be approved.
  • Stay Positive: Life’s too short to waste time complaining, worrying, or speculating.

With the above caveats in mind, Register from the login screen for free. No worries about email harangs (I don’t have the time) Just start the conversations and Have Fun.

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