Recommended Resources (Website Building)

If you are thinking of building a Website, it can be a daunting project requiring great patience. I offer here some resources for the brave souls who dare to venture into the fascinating learning experience that becoming a Webmaster offers. Some of the links listed here are Affiliate Programs for which I receive compensation . Using the links are without obligation, and cost you nothing to enquire about the Vendor’s offering. Some links offer free help. All of my recommendations allow me to sleep at night knowing that I have not lead anyone astray.

Use this link for assistance with your new Web Site

Use this link to help you navigate the tax reporting necessary for your site:

Use this link to connect to WooCommerce, a popular website generating software resource:

Use this link to access 1000’s of Stock Photos available at Shotz

Dropshipping Expeditor Info.

Wild Apricot offers Software solutions designed to help Non-Profits, Churches, and Community Groups set up and manage membership tasks.

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