As a Boomer, I’ve shed some of the illusions I held as a youth. Many of these self-ministered fantasies grew from urban legends, parental bias, and the pecadillos of my Teachers. Scrapping these old illusions is no small task. Ideas are very personal and seem to be closely aligned with the Ego. I require of myself Humility in order to grow.

“For Once In My Life”

With my apologies to Anthony Newley, I offer my own lyrics to his great tune. This version is for Do-It-Yourselfers who may have bumped into a snag or two in their creative endeavors…

For once in my life I know what went wrong here

I’m not a Dunce anymore

For once in my life, I read the Instructions

Not like those lost years before

For once in my life, I knew what was needed

After my Ego finally conceded

For once in my life… I found one thing I could do

The Currency of Love

I have a theory that Commerce is so popular because it reminds us of Love. If we have just one person who loves us unconditionally (warts and all), we feel wealthy. If we are receiving Love from more than a few folks, we are probably sending out lots of Love in exchange. Currency is a form of exchange, so is Love.